Around the 1400s, Vodka began to pop up in two key locations, Poland and Russia. Both originally deemed it as a medicine, however, other uses for it were quickly discovered such as it increased fertility and lust. Momentum around the spirit gathered and by the 18th century is was widely accepted as a casual drink. Vodka can be distilled using many different starches or sugar plants such as corn, rye, wheat, potatoes, and molasses. Depending on location will determine what was used. Flavoring was added, creating popular variations and making it one of the most diverse and loved spirit.


Dirty Martini


White Russian

Harvey Wallbanger

Cape Codder

Vodka Martini

Black Russian

Vodka Collins

Bloody Mary

Sex On The Beach



Fuzzy Navel

Long Island Ice Tea

Lemon Drop

Apple Martini


Vodka Tonic